Arctic Cycles
Arctic Cycles
Arctic Cycles
Arctic Cycles
Arctic Cycles

Arctic Cycles is a side project of Wildtek, like a sub-label with its own references, designs/illustrations, projects and partners.

Where Arctic Cycles becomes very special, it’s deep in its relationship with nature, environment, energy consumption, supported causes and even education. Especially related to the arctic polar region.

That means:

Nature: Recording sounds offered by the nature surrounding us and uses these recordings as working audio material. Or, recreate these sounds using analog and/or digital synthesis.

Environment: Respecting every place and sight we might spend time at in order to record these sounds, the “leave no trace” rule.

Energy consumption: Using as little energy consuming gadgets as possible in order to record, create, edit and produce sounds. Finding alternative clean energy sources.

Supported causes: Promoting our artistic actions and creations to causes, defenders and other organizations/foundations we believe in.

Education: Transmitting our knowledge and passion to younger generations.

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Artistically, even if fully devoted to the arctic ocean and surrounding regions as inspiration and conceptual ideas, every kind of qualitative electronic music genre might be approached.

From ambient to experimental IDM to minimal techno or dark electro…

Arctic Cycles - Globus-II
Arctic Cycles – Globus-II

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Arctic Cycles - Isachsen
Arctic Cycles – Isachsen

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Arctic Cycles - WACS
Arctic Cycles – WACS “Boswell Bay”

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Arctic Cycles - Isfjord Radio
Arctic Cycles – Isfjord Radio

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Hybrid of a live performance and a DJ Set, AC LIVE is bringing the sound from Arctic Cycles to enthusiast audiences.

Arctic Cycles - MIX 01 - Circles Of Influence
Arctic Cycles – MIX 01 – Circles Of Influence

Listen to AC MIX 01 – Circles Of Influence

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