Vinyl Bags

Two weeks without posting anything and I feel like I neglected my blog! No worries, I prepare a long post fully dedicated to Oslo and I’ve been busy with music 🙂

So, I did a party with my longtime friend Claus Bachor in Düsseldorf, in a club called the Golzheim, one of the best sound system I ever played on. The bass is so huge that I needed some time to find the sweet spot in which I feel comfortable.

I received very nice comments about my performance, someone told me “Hey man, you’ve got that funk that I missed since so many years” and I even had to sign my name on a piece of paper for a very sympathetic girl.

Another guy told me that I gave back energy to a few who was already a bit tired at that time of the night… So, mission = accomplished!

I met a woman as well, hmmm what to say? She’s amazing, beautiful, we had a very great time together and I truly hope I’ll be able to see her again soon. She even offered me a bottle of vodka 😉 And I love vodka…

This small/short travel was also a great opportunity for me to test a way to move with as little as possible personal items to see how minimal I can go and how I feel that way.

So, I took a towel, a small bag with cleaning necessities, a pair of socks, one underwear and a jean. All of this in the side pockets of my vinyl bags.

Everything went well! I even had some free space to go back home with some lovely vinyl from Psychothrill that Claus kindly offered me.

During the travel by train, I had time to think about this “Wild Treks” project and that passion I have for Djing. I know one thing, Djing is my life, I need it, it’s that thing I know how to do and in which I can still evolve. Also, I’m a vinyl DJ, definitely. I know and love as well how to play digitally but I take pleasure to play with vinyl.

I love to touch them, I love the fear of accidents that can happen with vinyl like some crackling, this need to play with the turntable pitch to stay in the groove, these needles we have to take care of… Those heavy bags we travel with. It’s all part of this passion.

Right now, I’m in front of a big dilemma!

I can’t travel under the conditions imposed by my project with these vinyl bags. Simply.

My first idea right now is to put two bags at a friend home, to find how much it would cost to send them wherever I stop for some time and then ask my friend to send them to me with the money I would save just for this.

The second idea would be to find someone of confidence in Norway and to send these bags before I start my travel… Or even a club where I could work for some time.

To be developed!

Back to the blog itself!

As said, a big post about Oslo is coming soon. I’ve found some more Norwegian music and a mix is coming along.

A friend from Detroit also told me that she could send me a first “donation” and, to me, it’s amazing to think about, it’s very positive, it’s the first step, it’s cool!

As of today, only five of my real friends know about the blog… I don’t want to hide it but I don’t promote it for now because as a new adventure in my life, I want this blog to be a source of new contacts first.

After a walk with Lola in the forest, I took back home some wood pieces and I’m actually working on them in order to use them as a sound source, I’ll record the result and will create a small/free sample pack with these sounds.

To conclude, aplogies for this two weeks without posting, thanks for likes, shares, everything ! Back at work!

Dimitri Pike

Wildtek Website / wildtek.concept@gmail.com

You can help me found my project :



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