Arctic Cycles – Cycle 02 (-) – WACS “Boswell Bay”

WACS - White Alice Communications Systems

WACS – White Alice Communications System

From Wikipedia:

The White Alice Communications System was a United States Air Force telecommunication network with 80 radio stations constructed in Alaska during the Cold War. It used tropospheric scatter for over-the-horizon links and microwave relay for shorter line-of-sight links. Sites were characterized by large parabolic, tropospheric scatter antennas as well as smaller microwave dishes for point to point links.


After 1970, WACS was transferred from Air Force control to RCA Alascom and served civilian use until the late 1970s, when it was superseded by satellite communication earth stations. The last tropospheric link, from Boswell Bay to Neklasson Lake, was used until January 1985 to connect Middleton Island to the network. Vandalism, unsafe conditions and environmental concerns caused the Department of Defense (DOD) to remove physical structures at the sites between the late 1980s to the early 2000s. Several former White Alice sites and collocated facilities became contaminated sites managed by Alaska’s Department of Environmental Conservation – Contaminated Sites Program and DOD Cleanup programs sites because of PCB usage and fuel leakage from storage tanks. It is likely the cost to clean up some of the sites will far exceed the cost of construction.

These videos shows the WACS sites of Nome, Sparrevohn, Shemya and Bethel, all situated in Alaska. Boswell Bay site might have been very similar looking…

Arctic Cycles – Cycle 02 – WACS “Boswell Bay”

Truly fascinating to see that kind of structures erected in areas where no one goes… Definitely the kind of places I would love to visit one day. Knowing that there are something like 80 radio stations, I have here a big source of sights that can be the subject of a track…

WACS - Barter Island
WACS – Barter Island
WACS - Bosswell Bay
WACS – Bosswell Bay
WACS – Bosswell Bay

Here you’ll find a great article named “Cold Warning : The Abandonned Radar Stations of the Arctic Circle” with great pictures and informations.

The (-) sign on the track title is meant to indicate that the place is not active as of today.

To fit with the strangeness of such structures, the track is fully modular (NI Reaktor 6) and provides the listener with some kind of nasty sounds/interferences.

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