Arctic Cycles – MIX 01 – Circles Of Influence

Arctic Cycles - MIX 01 - Circles Of Influence

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Arctic Cycles – MIX 01 – Circles Of Influence

“Circle Of Influences” will take you on a musical journey that oscillates between cold futuristic tones and deep emotional soundscapes.

Many amazing tracks are included in this digital DJ mix, from the organic and melancholic sound of Burial to the complex rhythms architecture of Autechre, a large part of it purely techno, welcome to the core of my actual sound!

Tracklisting :

Burial – Dog Shelter
Surgeon – The Power Of Doubt
Tommy Four Seven – Track 5
Speedy J – Armstrong
Female – Live (Extract)
Surgeon – BDF-3299
Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – Hanoi Hanoi (Loop)
Sandwell District – Regis (Edit)
Pete Namlook & Richie Hawtin – From Within Part 5 (Loop)
Plastikman – Ask Yourself (Acapella)
Stanislav Tolkachev – Be Careful And Nobody Dies
Drexciya – Dr Blowfins Experiment (Loops)
Carl Craig & Derrick May – Frustration
Field Recording – The Jungle
The Martian – Prayer Stick (Trans-Electric)
Dimitri Pike – East Side Bliss
Darren Price – Airspace
Marco Carola – Untitled
Luke Slater – Freek Funk (Steve Bicknell Remix)
Luke Slater – Love
Autechre – 90101-55-1
Luke Slater – Black Cloud (Epilogue)
Richard Devine – Strum
Surgeon – Radiance
Stanislav Tolkachev – Heartbeat
Dimitri Pike – WACS “Boswell Bay”
Autechre – Sim Gishel
Aphex Twin – TH1


Dimitri Pike

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