Update! I’m back…

Dimitri Pike - Wildtek - Arctic Cycles

June 2019…

After a bit more than 6 months, I’m back to Arctic Cycles project. Stronger than never, with an even more defined plan in order to succeed and a ton of new things that you, my audience, will discover through many future posts!

First of all… I’m just out of a sound design class/school that I followed with a huge pleasure, I discovered a lot about microphones and field recording and this was very important for my project. I discovered the audio industry standard software : Avid Pro Tools… As well very important to find audio/creative work in other countries.

I discovered Reaper that is to me one of the very best tool I ever had the chance to use and create with. I don’t fully master it right now but I know I’ll do by working a lot with it in future.

Here are two things I did with Reaper :

Having to wake up every morning (I’m a night bird you know…) at 5AM to take care of my dog Lola, my food, going to take my train and then being back home around 7PM obviously slowed me down in my music production and projects developments but I did it with a smile since I knew that everything I could learn there would be of a huge help in what’s coming next!

During my time in the train, I’ve been thinking a lot about where I want to go with Wildtek / Arctic Cycles and how deep I want this project to be.

Responsibility towards environment and education are definitely dominant aspects and the music has to play a very supportive role, technically and artistically I want everything to reach perfection even if I have to work many more hours than for my past projects.

Talking about technique, I’ve discovered more about my favorite software, Native Instruments Reaktor. Thanks to my synthesis professor Mathieu who explained me a lot but allowed me to try and fail by myself before being right.

So, I created from scratch a very special synthesizer that I named “PolAr” used to re-create sounds of winds and air movements in the Arctic

But I was not satisfied enough and after many headaches, “PolAr” is now connected through an API key to weather forecasts and 8 midi controls are reacting from live weather updates from wherever I want in the Arctic circle…

What means “PolAr”?

Obviously it’s about polar geographical area but it’s as well (in french) “Partir Ailleurs”.

This synthesizer will be used in my DJ sets to create introductions and interludes but, at top of all, I’ll use it to create controlled winds sounds when I work for a video about Arctic landscapes like I did for the video “Aurora Borealis“.

I could go on and on about many things but… I need content for my blog so… Be patient, keep reading the blog, I’ll update a few posts soon and as an evidence, new stuff is coming as soon as possible 😉

Happy to be back!

Dimitri Pike

Wildtek Website / wildtek.concept@gmail.com

You can help me found my project :


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