PolAr Synthesizer (Reaktor)

In order to validate my sound design studies, I had to introduce myself in front of a jury and present what kind of work I did that integrate one or more of the techniques I spent weeks to learn and master.

I first presented a video in which I used samples, synthesis and my own music to illustrate the pictures. The video is called “Temple Caché-Bouteille” and was given to me by my Pro Tools professor.

Then, I presented the video called “Aurora Borealis” in which I sampled few videos about the Arctic found through the web and created the music “A” along special effects to illustrate some movements. PolAr was first time used in this work to create discrete wind noises where it was needed.

PolAr is useful to me for two main ideas… Creating winds and air movements to go along videos and creating those same winds and air movements but to be used as an element in the context of a track creation, track that can be later played in a DJ set.

PolAr was fully designed with Native Instruments Reaktor 6 and I borrowed the excellent “Diffuser” of the Dron-E ensemble made by Antonio Blanca.

It’s something friendly allowed in the Reaktor builders community to take some bits and pieces from other builders and to integrate them to your own designs, best is to always give credit where credit is due!

To go a little bit deeper and to be truly a “polar” sound tool, I used the Ableton Connection Kit / Max 4 Live and an alteration of the JSON.Weather plugin allowing “PolAr” to be controlled by live weather updates from a weather forecast API key.

So, “PolAr” enter here in a higher level of use… Exhibition or art installations about the Arctic with “PolAr” providing the sound of the wind corresponding to the geographic location of what the audience is seeing.

If live weather updates are not so active on the sound, the need to control “PolAr” from a distance might be a better solution, so “PolAr” comes with a TouchOSC interface (iPhone) with all its main controls available.

With the help of the Ableton Live Connection Kit and Max For Live, an idea to be implemented into “PolAr” is to make it reactive to movements in a defined space.

Then, with 3D audio or Ambisonics techniques like Ambeo or Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation, sounds from “PolAr” could be heard in a new and exciting way!

Already at work!

Dimitri Pike

Wildtek Website / wildtek.concept@gmail.com

You can help me found my project :


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