Molecule - Greenland

Thanks to my classmate “July” who has sent this link to our working group, I discovered about Molecule and his project “-22.7°C, AU DELA DU SILENCE”.

Molecule spent five weeks in Greenland, in and around the village of Tinetiqillaq.

His project offers to viewers a glimpse at life in the cold Greenland where the silence enhance the beauty of surrounding landscapes.

Molecule use a quite impressive list of equipment to record, edit and produce sounds including Sennheiser Ambeo recording kit, Elektron, Buchla Music Easel, Tempest, etc…

His productions use both field recording audio sources and synthesis.

From my personal point of view, there is something missing even if the video is very interesting and quite well done. Molecule doesn’t really interact with the locals and I guess the language is definitely a problem.

This is something I want to avoid in Arctic Cycles project because it needs to be an exchange, a meeting of different cultures.

To think about…

-22.7°C, AU DELA DU SILENCE (French video)


Dimitri Pike

Wildtek Website / wildtek.concept@gmail.com

You can help me found my project :


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