Northern Winds


Northern Winds was basically two demo tracks I recorded using PolAr synthesizer to show how it can be integrated on a music production level for my sound design project 9633 Sound Design.

Playing with my very own creation (what a pleasure…), I quickly designed various kinds of winds and air movements on which I add “soundscapes” that I create using many different tools and techniques.

At first sight, Northern Winds 01 and 02 might sounds like pretty simple ambient recordings… In fact, the sounds on the background of winds created with PolAr synthesizer are heavily processed .wav samples from Wildtek Studio own catalog and finely tweaked synthesis.

I really like to work in this configuration, trying to make a soundscape strongly evocative of the place and moment it’s trying to represent.

I must confess along that working on such a quiet kind of music helps me as well to relax at the same time and to excite my creativity since the deepness of these tracks brings a lot of pictures and ideas to my mind.

So, I decided to go slightly deeper with the “Northern Winds” idea and I’m going to record a full 8 tracks album of ambient / soundscapes fully influenced by the Arctic region using each time Polar synthesizer with, obviously, different settings.

Along with some nice graphic, the result will be a nice digital release for the main project Arctic Cycles.

Northern Winds – AC(ompilation)

Coming fall 2019

Dimitri Pike

Wildtek Website /

You can help me found my project :

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