Stockholm - Sweden

One step up towards the North!

This winter season 2019/2020 is going to be a productive one for Wildtek/Arctic Cycles and a first achievement towards the final goal.

I’ll be in Stockholm for a couple of days and as of now, it’s the highest level of Northern Europe I’ve ever been to.

If Stockholm is still far away from the Arctic Circle in geographic terms, it’s anyway the biggest city of Scandinavia, in a country (Sweden) that is one of those countries bordering the Arctic.

I go there to meet some people who can help me discover more about the Sami culture, who can help me find contacts that will be useful for my project and to learn a maximum of things about the Sami culture.

The main place to meet with my actual contact is the Nordiska Museet:

The museum looks amazing and I’m truly excited to discover the place along with many other ones in Stockholm.

There is as well a shop “Svensk Hemslöjd” where I’ll hopefully find little things to bring back home. I slowly give away and throw away everything that represents my past life and I try to replace everything with stuff I like and in this case, I would love to find some typical Sami stuff like forks and spoons for example:

I would love to have a scarf with Sami very representative colors and style even if it’s a very “tourist” kind of approach but I don’t see anything bad at all. Just some little stuff I can put in my backpack but that will remind me every day why I do this, why I love this when back in Belgium.

Another place of interest is the street market of Hötorget where Olle Collin sells bracelets made of reindeer leather. These bracelets come from Lulea and Arvidsjaur in northern Sweden, land of the Sami.

I’m also going to record many sounds (field recording) and obviously, I’ll start recording loops and ideas influenced by my stay there and that I’ll finish/rework when I’m back home in order to make a release out of all these sounds for Arctic Cycles.

And of course, I’ll take as many pictures as I can! First to document the places and sights where I’m going to record audio but as well to illustrate my blogs and my website.

Now, one thing I have to look for is vinyl shops! I’m not sure if Stockholm has a few (I guess yes…) but I’m a very long-time supporter of Cari Lekebusch and his label H. Productions and I would love to find some of his older productions on vinyl and… In the city where he created them!

I’m still preparing this travel and I have some time to plan things before going there so I’ll try to find one or two spots where I could play a digital DJ set, a typical “Arctic Cycles” one.

I’ll don’t forget to update the blog with next evolutions regarding this travel, it’s a promise 😉

Dimitri Pike

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