MOSAiC – The Expedition


“An entire year trapped in the ice

126 years ago, the Norwegian researcher and explorer Fridtjof Nansen set sail on the first-ever drift expedition with his wooden sailing ship Fram. But there has never been an expedition like the one now planned: for the first time, the MOSAiC project will take a modern research icebreaker laden with scientific instruments close to the North Pole in winter.

The name MOSAiC (Multidisciplinary drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate) mirrors the complexity and diversity of this expedition.

MOSAiC will be the first year-round expedition into the central Arctic exploring the Arctic climate system. The project with a total budget exceeding 140 Million € has been designed by an international consortium of leading polar research institutions, led by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI).”

If I don’t have any knowledge in any scientific domain, I think that MOSAiC expedition is one to observe and use as a source of inspiration for Arctic Cycles music.

Maybe with the exception of TARA, it’s the first time I can witness a scientific expedition that makes use of modern communication techniques like social networks, live video, and appealing web design.

It definitely helps to understand better their mission, to wake up the interest of a larger audience and to easily share their evolution.

390 days drifting through the Arctic ocean, through the ice, around the North Pole! The drift is about 7 Kms a day for a total cover of 2500 Kms, 19 nations take part in this expedition and no less than 600 experts will come onboard on the Polarstern icebreaker to study the consequences of Arctic climate change.

MOSAIC - Polarstern
MOSAIC – Polarstern

If I can’t be of any help in such an expedition, this is definitely something I would be so motivated to attend as a sound designer… Recording life onboard, the ice crackling, being inspired by infinite silence of the cold freezing ocean.

Capturing an audio imprint of such an amazing expedition for sure but creating the music that comes from the various feelings one may experience stuck in the ice, in the middle of nowhere, a definitive vision of loneliness.

I must assume that this expedition, maybe due to the name of the icebreaker aka “POLARSTERN” also motivates me to develop even more my “PolAr” synthesizer and its set of tools as I’ll use it a lot in my creative process when observing the evolutions of MOSAiC expedition.


Important links

MOSAiC Expedition

Ice Camp interactive map

3D Tour of the POLARSTERN icebreaker

Live stream from the POLARSTERN icebreaker


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