Polar Bears International Annual Report

Polar Bears International

Polar Bears International Annual Report To Members

As a supporter of Polar Bears International, I had the happy surprise to receive an e-mail with the Annual Report To Members 2018 showing various evolutions in protecting and defending the Arctic and especially the polar bears.

A clear and nicely designed PDF with achievements and a breakdown of revenues and expenses showing… Well… Showing that people should maybe change less often their iPhone and contribute more… Helping those who act in defending what needs to be defended.

Anyway, if the fight is not won already, there are positive points and it’s an enjoyable reading.

There is no secret!

If living in Belgium is not the most amazing geographical position to meet and work with polar bears defenders and other people who live way more closely from their territories, the internet helps a lot to stay informed, to learn and then to deliver “key in hands” sound design projects that can support campaigns raising awareness, signatures and donations.

And this is part of the DNA of Arctic Cycles, the music whatever style and vibe it sounds like must keep being close to the Arctic and its preservation.

Polar Bears International 

Polar Bears International Annual report To Members

Dimitri Pike

Wildtek Website / wildtek.concept@gmail.com

You can help me found my project :


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