The North Road

Dimitri Pike - The North Road

The North Road

If I tell you “Game Of Thrones“… I guess you all situate well the TV show that was certainly one of the most popular ever and, to me, one that I still love to spend some time watching in order to study the sound design and the musical theme.

I’m quite amazed by how they created the sounds of the dragons and Ramin Djawadi made a truly fantastic soundtrack for the whole 8 seasons that flirt with cinema movies way more than a simple TV show…

During September, I watched all over again this amazing creation and through the 6th season, I noticed a part of the soundtrack that I didn’t really heard the first time.

It’s the “Red Woman” theme…

The pad/strings/synthesized voice introducing the track are amazing and I could not resist to sample them and make something on my own to use it in a very particular way.

I needed a track that is very deep and emotional to be used as an introduction to “Arctic Cycles Mix 02” so I used “The Red Woman” sample and developed a song from this sample because the original music goes very quickly into a cinematic kind of creepy sounding ambiance and this doesn’t fit with the next coming mix for Arctic Cycles.

Arctic Cycles Mix 01 – Circles Of Influences 

Arctic Cycles - MIX 01 - Circles Of Influence

I never use samples in my own productions since I like to create everything. Even “presets” that sounds good, I’m always tweaking them to obtain something personal and truly mine.

In this case, I see things differently, it’s a tool/track, an introduction to a mix… It’s not a track I’m going to sell as part of a project and it’s a part of a mix that obviously provides music from different artists and labels so, using a sample in this configuration is totally ok for me.

So, here you have it! Arctic Cycles Mix 02 will be named “The North Road” and I can already tell you that it will sound different from the first one and of a higher level since I include more of my own productions into the package when the first mix was more about showing my influences.

I hope you’ll like the track I created from G.O.T “The Red Woman” because I spent quite some time in order to use the original sample with respect and to develop it harmonically in the way I needed it, to find the right scale and to use sounds that complement the original sample all along trying to develop an even more emotional side, less creepy and more like… Majestic? I used Ableton Live and the amazing extension “Max For Live” for this special work.

Dimitri Pike

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