Sound Design: A Trip To The Arctic

A Trip To The Arctic With Uncle Sam (1921)


“A Trip To The Arctic With Uncle Sam”

In order to showcase what I can do with sound and especially movies or documentaries, I need to have some material that I can freely share with potential clients and companies that would be interested to work with me.

Of course, I already have a couple of videos showing my ability to use sound in order to enhance a video but for most of these videos, I “sampled” little parts of others works…

Well, I had to start somewhere!

So, I’ve been looking for something I could use legally and freely and found really interesting stuff under the “Public Domain” license.

Obviously, most of the material in the public domain is truly outdated and the video quality is often, if not always, of a very low level!

And it’s where I find this deeply interesting!

If I manage to create sounds that give back life to old forgotten videos, I can consider that my mission is done the right way. And just to say… Vintage is so fashion 😉

Recently, I found this movie from 1921 called “A Trip To The Arctic With Uncle Sam“.

It’s a totally silent movie but a very great starting point.

So, I downloaded the movie, opened Reaper and started to cut parts to keep only what I could use in terms of sound design. I now have 64 parts or sequences that I’m going to illustrate with sounds and my goal is to reach the perfection level! It has to be more real than real and respectful of what the real-life sound might have been.

Technically, it’s a quite hard exercice because first, I need to time stretch the sequences since the original movie is very speedy, filming/recording technology was pretty new around 1921 and far away from what we now have in our smartphones and cameras!

Secondly, I need to look at the sequences, again and again, to really feel like if I was there myself and what I would expect to hear. Sampling, synthesis and collected sound banks, I use every technique available to complete this mission.

Also, in this particular case, I can use my self created synthesizer “PolAr” and it makes me really happy!

PolAr Synthesizer + PolAr Tools
PolAr Synthesizer + PolAr Tools

At top of all… I don’t want to create only sound effects but a soundtrack as well. Even if the sequences are quite short, I think it is way more professional to provide the final result with dedicated music that goes along.

Music inspired by the movie and eventually used through some sequences…

As of now, I sound designed 10 sequences already! 54 sequences to go…

The final project will be offered for free (both the movie and the music) and hopefully, it will help me to find new business partners who may need sound design especially in northern territories.

So, right now, enjoy the silent movie at the top of this post and be patient, the result will worth being seen/heard, it’s a promise!

Dimitri Pike

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