Note: This page will be regularly updated as the project reaches new developments, ideas and goals.

  • Concept/Idea – The rule of 5!
  • History/Approach – A new day.
  • Equipment owned/needed – Technology addict…
  • Budget in/out – Cash rules everything around me (Wu-tang Clan)
  • Roadmap – Up North!
  • Hopefully more… (Sponsors, helpers, etc…) – The unknown.

You might want to know first about who I am

Concept/Idea – The rule of 5!

The idea behind “Arctic Circle” is, at the very first level, to record natural and hopefully traditional sounds in amazing and sometimes remote locations, to edit these sounds in order to use them as samples for music composition and/or sound design, to document extensively the places and sights where these sounds were recorded.

The second level is to record soundscapes/compositions inspired by the places and sights that I’m going to discover, during the travel itself as well and even after with the memories. To sell them as digital releases and/or to license them to independent documentaries makers looking to add original/exclusive sounds to their movies.

Discover more: Arctic Cycles

The third level is to play digital DJ sets in various cities where I stop for some time and introduce people to the qualitative electronic music I love and support for years over Europe as a DJ and, when possible, in the city who gave birth to Techno music, DetroitUSA.

The fourth level is to meet other sound enthusiasts, to interview them through a YouTube Video blog offering exposure for their own projects/ideas for free and to,  hopefully, collaborate on some music projects for Arctic Cycles.

The fifth level is about educating young people met in remote locations for free about what they can create in terms of sound design/music composition with only a computer and the right software and how the internet can help them to reach unexpected audiences using social networks such as Soundcloud, Hearthis, Bandcamp or any other tools available.

History/Approach – A new day.

Since the last twenty years, I’ve been playing techno in small/middle and big cities of Europe, not as a star DJ but as an underground activist supporting qualitative electronic music wherever I’ve been asked to play. I also own a correct experience in radio (both web radio/FM radio) and I’ve released many tracks on various labels (both digital/vinyl) including my own “Wildtek” structure that until now, I most likely used as a little outlet for digital concepts that didn’t fit with labels I’ve been working with.


Slightly before turning 40, life gave me a chance to live the life I’ve always wanted following a suite of events that I used to remodel and renew myself through a very hard but rewarding period of time.

I’ve found a connection to my childhood in which I remembered what made me happy, what made me as passionate as I am about music and sound. Nature and what many call “the wild” has been for a long time the missing element that I need to reintroduce and this is how “Arctic Cycles” was born as an extension of “Wildtek”.

As an urban city grown man, I always used common transports, trains and planes to move away/travel and I never did anything to obtain a driving license that I always felt like something not needed, a car is one a pollutant and two, an expanse I can skip.

I use, for my daily needs, a mountain bike and I strongly love walking.

I spent every cent I got into my music gear, vinyl for my DJ sets, software for my computer and hardware sequencers/synthesizers. I have never been rich and I don’t really care about… I care about being happy and doing good things.

Up to the Arctic circle… I’ve been dreaming about this place since my adolescence… I always projected myself having a recording studio in front of a lake and a mountain with forest right next to and where I could record all the music I want… You get the picture, right?

Wildtek Studio X

I got it!

This wonderful house in front of the fjord will stay for some time an idealistic vision of the project but for now, the project is gonna be more roots, underground, more real!

Mobile technology allows me to record sounds and music almost wherever I want, my tent can be my “home” from time to time, my computer along a few selected tools will be the studio… The mountain? The forest? The lake? It’s already there, all around… And everything fits in a backpack…

Equipment owned/needed – Technology addict…

Minimal and practical, then “do it yourself” philosophy is the one I’ll glue with!

If I’m a technology addict when it comes to recording and producing sounds, I’m as well taking care a lot about the impact on the environment and I’m looking at every possible solution to use energy as little as possible or to find ways to use renewable energy. The fewer power sockets I use the better it is.

The weight is also of crucial importance in my project since traveling distances are easier with an ultralight backpack than a heavy one, no mathematics here!

Budget in/out – Cash rules everything around me (Wu-tang Clan)

A couple of ideas are already in development… Stay tuned.

Roadmap – Up North!

Coming soon…

Hopefully more… (Sponsors, helpers, etc…) – The unknown.

I can already say that I’ll keep total transparency on the potential money I could receive from supporters, sponsors or whoever might want to help/donate. I’ll keep names hidden if needed but I think that in such a project, being honest and true to your audience about how much you have and how you use it is the only way to go. Simply.

Dimitri Pike

Wildtek Website /

You can help me found my project :


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